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Meet the designers.

Wintercheck factory

Wintercheck Factory® is Kristen Wentrcek and Andrew Zebulon Williams. Located in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, the studio designs and fabricates furniture, project specific installations and sculptural work.

Wilderness Bodies

Wilderness Bodies was formed out of the interdisciplinary studio practice of Kim Mullis. It is on going project directed towards an exploration of materials / process and design / function through furniture, paintings and objects.

Fort Makers

Founded by Nana Spears, Naomi Clark and Noah James Spencer, Fort Makers is an art and design studio, inspired by the Bauhaus, that makes functional and interactive art. They create large-scale public art installations, as well as a wide variety of fashion and home products. They aim to create a three-dimensional and immersive, visual world, or rather, an artistic brand.


Kim Markel

Kim Markel is an artist and designer based in the Hudson Valley. She works with salvaged materials, currently focusing on ways to employ discarded plastics in new objects. She holds BA and MS degrees from Carnegie Mellon in Public Policy

Brendan Timmins

Brendan Timmins is a graduate of Pratt Institute, and a producer of semi-functional aestheticized objects. He lives and works in New York.

Wyatt Little

Wyatt Little is a Texas based product designer specializing in creating works with whimsy and wit. He takes an unorthodox approach to designing new objects - starting with a unique circumstance, and then translating it into a physical product that everyone can relate to.


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